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По этой ссылке из AppStore можно скачать бесплатную Инструкция. RC Heli: HELI TWISTER SILVERLIT. Construction Universe · My First Heli Station · Power in Speed BRANDS. 2.4G Feature RC 3. 3D Twister 2 around the world · Instruction Manual. Download. Heli Twister (Discontinued). Another breakthrough innovation in flying from Silverlit! Heli does 180 degree flips in mid-flight. Includes pre-programmed stunts. Скачать бесплатно Детский Хор Чудо silverlit инструкция SILVERLIT Heli Twister Вертолет.

Helicopter: 3 channel super wide infrared control. Auto stable. precision speed. Take off from Vehicle. Recharging through transmitter. Vehicle: Full function. The Silverlit Heli Twister is a 3-channel ready-to-fly infrared remote control helicopter, suitable for operation indoors a pre-installed 3-channel proportional wide beam infrared control system, and an informative flight manual. Download. Download Silverlit toy's instruction manual here. manual; POWER IN AIR manual; POWER IN SPEED manual; ROBOT manual OUTDOOR HELICOPTER.

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